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Vilitati was ( just saying “was” makes me emotional) a wonderful and a very special person. He was one of those who you don’t meet everyday in your life who understood the meaning of the word team, kindness and respect.  Never saw him engaging in an argument despite he was always right.  He was always more focused on the good of the work and care of the people around him. I worked with him for 4 years and I learnt so much from him and really enjoyed knowing him as a manager and a friend.  He will be missed greatly. My heart goes to his wife and son!!


-  Tarek Radwan


 I worked with Vilitati for 8 years and he was always a kind hearted and wonderful person. He will forever live in our memories. We miss you and are grateful to have been blessed with such an amazing,  dedicated, caring manager. A Visit to Southern CA. will never be the same.


Rest In Peace!



- Donna Woodard

Vili was such a kind and understanding person. I've had the pleasure of working with him for over 5 years now on our company's audit. He was always upbeat and patient with learning about our organization - qualities which make working with him such a wonderful experience. He will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Vili.


- Ken Gatmaitan


Vilitati Bikai what great man he was,full of happiness, joyful and caring a fatherhood with all his blessings that everyone close to him will not be forgotten, Rip taji


- Waisale Qiolele  Ledua




Vilitati has been a member of the BANANAS family for many years.  We are so appreciative of his years of experience and dedication to our organization.  It was evident that he loved the work and really cared about the financial health of BANANAS.  We will miss him.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you.



- Kym

  Executive Director & CEO




I had a pleasure to work with VIli for 5 years through PPNorCal. He was a kind and very knowledgeable man. It was always a pleasure to see him at our office. He will be missed.



- Inna Zdorova

  Sr. Finance Manager




I've knew Vili for almost eight years now, and I can't recall a time when there wasn't a smile on his face at some point during the work day.  We were a client and besides his always professional demeanor and keen intellect,  I always enjoyed talking with Vili about non-work topics.  It was so evident how much he loved his family, and he talked about his boy a lot.  You could see Vili's face brighten when he just mentioned his son.  I miss him already.  He'll always be in my thoughts.





Uncle Vilitati Bikai                 You’re my Uncle but Like a Father to me         You will always be In my Heart Uncle Tati        Rest High Mr Smiley Face



- Maika Ravetau


Psalm 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the dead of his saints." Heartfelt sorrow and condolence from my family to yours Mrs Mere Bikai and Tukai.lam praying that God will grant you the strength you need to face and that he will give comfort and healing. We have shared good memories, laughter joy and now that he left us we share your grief and pain at his passing . Our prayers and thoughts with you all Mere, Tukai, Mrs Salome Bikai and Mr Bikai. MOCE MADA VILITATI UNTIL THE GLORIOUS MORNING.



- Rejieli Naruma


Miau, isa na yaca edaru dauveikacivi kina e sa na sega ni na qai rogo tale. Vinaka vakalevu miau na yalo ni loloma kei na yalo vinaka. Ni qai gole tiko ena vakacegu ni Tamada sa Tabogo!



- Savenaca Yadronu


I was saddened to learn of the passing of Vilitati.  We have fond memories of him working on the audit for our organization.  He was a kind and knowledgeable man.  He will be missed.



- Renee S. Herzfeld

  Executive Director

  Community Child Care Council
  of Alameda County


I had the pleasure of working with Vili trough the Children's Council' audit for 8 years, It was always so great to see him in our office as his generosity, warmth and friendly.

Vili your kindness and sincerity will forever be remembered and we will miss you.


- Malina Chan

Vili was a kind and patient person to all of us. We were lucky to have him as our manager. He made me feel important and was always there to listen to my views. I felt comfortable approaching him about different topics, questions, or concerns. I was very happy to be able to work with him on several audit engagements last busy season. My last phone call with Vili was at the end of August of this year. It was a phone call that was not just about work (he was a hard-working person), but it was him asking me how I was doing because that is who he was. He was a caring person. I haven’t visited his house with a  swimming pool that he talked to me with great enthusiasm. I don’t have a photo with just the two of us together, but I have the group photo with Vili’s happy smile that I will forever keep. I never got the chance to take a picture with Vili; I wish we had more time. I will miss his voice and his laugh.


Vili, no matter where you are, I hope you are at peace and happy.


- Tanya Ho

Vilitati was a wonderful person and a great colleague.  Vilitati was an absolute pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I learned a great deal from Vilitati over the many years we worked together. He will be greatly missed! My heart goes out to his

son, wife and family.


My sincerest condolences!


- Cate Ejjed

  Director of Finance & Administration

  Bananas Inc.

This are pictures taken on the arrival of our cousin to Fiji ( Simione Bikai son of Mr Vilitati Bikai) for the first time. It is also known as the Kaumata Ni Gone (a Fijian Tradition that is done to Fijian Kids when they are taken to their maternal side for the first time). It was one of the happiest day of Uncle Tati life which we always knew it was his plan to come back to Fiji with his kids. On this day he clearly showed how family was really important to him. Mr Vilitati was known as a person who always makes family his first priority. Words will be very long to be put into words to describe the type of he is but the memories shared with him will be forever cherised .




- Nanise  Vuibau


I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Vili for many years through The Greenlining Institute.  It was always so wonderful to see him in our offices, as his kindness, warmth, and generosity were always evident. We will miss him greatly and send our condolences to his family and friends.


- Preeti Vissa Kristipati


Vili was a truly kind-hearted, intelligent, professional, and wise individual, auditor, and human being - and we will carry his contributions and spirit with us always.


- Eric Fischer


RIP Vilitati Bikai


- Erima Naitui

We at the Children's Council of SF enjoyed his amazing smile, his friendly demeanor, and his passion for his work - for years. We will miss him!


- Gina Fromer, CEO


A word to describe Vilitati Bikai… “kind”. He had a way of communicating and interacting with people that just made you feel at peace. We used to joke and say, “he could be delivering the worst news to you about your audit, and somehow it was delivered with such grace and kindness that a client would feel good about the results”. Everyone needs such an individual in their life, and we were fortunate to have had such an outstanding person at Harrington Group for over 13+ years. Vili (as we called him), “your kindness and sincerity will forever be remembered, and we will continue to uphold such characteristics to honor you”.

Rest in peace----Tonetta


- Tonetta Conner

I had the privilege of working with Vilitati since 2006, but most importantly, I had the honor of knowing him since then.


Since the first time I met him, he showed kindness and a big smile that he carried throughout all these years. His personality always provided a sense of peace that made it enjoyable to be around him. Every time we got the chance, we shared conversations about family. However, a big part of our conversations was discussing sports. Within the years the general sports conversations changed to focus on his big passion, Rugby.


Before meeting him, I had no idea about Rugby, he was kind and patient enough to explain to me the rules and tactics of the game that made me, with the years, understand and love “HIS” sport. I feel blessed of having him in my live, and I know that with his kindness, he touched several of us in a special way.


Vili, I will certainly miss your big smile and our long Rugby conversations.


Until we meet again My Friend!


- Carlos Davis

How’s the boys and Heather? That is how he would typically greet me before we got down to work. I would reciprocate and he would tell me of singing with his son, watching him in martial arts, and road trips he planned to take with Mere. We met in 2007 in Chico, CA on one of his first assignments with HG. We became close colleagues and friends. He was a kind, giving, and genuinely happy man who constantly gave of himself to others.


- Sean Cain

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Uncle Vilitati Bikai - You’re my Uncle but Like a Father to me - You will always be In my Heart Uncle Tati - Rest High Mr Smiley Face


- Maika Ravetau