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The quality of the people within Harrington Group is one of our greatest strengths. Each of our professionals offers an informed perspective on developments in the nonprofit environment, as well as a proven ability to identify the right solutions for individual nonprofit organizations. As your strategic partner, we encourage you to look to us to address any challenges or opportunities that may arise. We are committed to responding to your needs. We also strive to create a relationship of respect and trust, taking care that all members of your organization feel supported by our efforts.

As outstanding professionals, our partners are often engaged to speak at conferences and seminars on topics such as financial management, cost allocations, and funding trends. Our knowledge and expertise is invaluable in helping clients improve their performance. To remain current on accounting and auditing matters related to the profession, and issues related to nonprofits, all staff, both licensed and non-licensed, are required to complete 80 hours of continuing education every two years. This internal requirement of Harrington Group is consistent with the requirements for licensure.

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Tonetta L. Conner, CPA

Managing Partner

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626.403.6801 x 115

Sean E. Cain, CPA


626.403.6801 x 117

Job M. Quesada, CPA


510.379.1182 x 132

Carlos A. Davis, CPA


626.403.6801 x 103

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Vilitati Bikai

Audit Manager

510.379.1182 x 141

Oswaldo Torres, CPA

Audit Manager

626.403.6801 x 122

Vincent Rodriguez, CPA

Audit Manager

626.403.6801 x 124

Salvador Jadloc

Professional Support Services Manager

626.403.6801 x 128

Professional Team

Wenling Liu

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 105

Ly Eng

Audit Associate

626.403.6801 x 119

Jisele Li

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 111

Sharon Li

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 106

Inoke Maravu

Senior Auditor

626.403.6801 x 120

Peggy Mo

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 121

Noushin Mousavi

Senior Auditor

510.379.1182 x 142

Moruf Owoiya

Senior Auditor

510.379.1182 x 139

Jason Stelling

Tax Associate

626.403.6801 x 125

Victor Vargas

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 120

Henry Vuong

Audit Associate

626.403.6801 x 116

Rui (Rae) Wang

Staff Auditor

626.403.6801 x 107

Mere Waqanicagica

Senior Auditor

510.379.1182 x 133

Janey Wen

Audit Associate

626.403.6801 x 127

Kammy Zhang

Audit Associate

626.403.6801 x 127

Support Team

Tiffany Molina

Administrative Assistant

626.403.6801 x 114

Viviana Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

626.403.6801 x 102

Donna Woodard

Administrative Assistant

626.403.6801 x 130

Irene Vargas

Administrative Assistant

626.403.6801 x 100


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