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Job M. Quesada is the epitome of dedication and commitment at Harrington Group, and to the firm’s clients as well. These are values that were instilled in him by his staunch family upbringing. Job will without hesitation do what is necessary to ensure that a client’s needs are attended to and met, above their expectations. A classic example is his willingness to go to Afghanistan on two separate occasions, despite the instability in that region, to undertake audit procedures at one of the firm’s clients that had its core programs there. Even though there were a lot challenges during those trips, apart from the instability, Job took the opportunities as a means to learn about other cultures, and mostly shared the positive experiences that he went through during those trips instead of dwelling on the not so pleasant ones.

With more than twenty years of experience in public accounting, auditing, tax and pension plan matters, Job complements the other Partners’ knowledge and experience in the nonprofit industry by ensuring that the firm is in a position to meet clients’ needs and address the complex issues that they often encounter in their business environment.

Since joining Harrington Group in 1991, after spending five years at Ernst & Young, Job has served a wide range of nonprofits throughout California that have a diverse clientele and are providers of different types of services ranging from community based services, legal aid services to residential treatment, foster care and non-public schools.

Job is member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and acts in an advisory capacity to the Boards of Directors of numerous nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles.

Job is a devout follower of his religious affiliation and has very strong family values. Being brought up by God-fearing parents and growing up in a family of five brothers and three sisters, has really molded him into the person he is today. Job is the eldest child from his parents’ second marriages and he remembers vividly an incident whereby he had referred to one of his siblings as his step-brother, for which he received a stern reprimand from his father to never refer to his siblings as stepbrothers and stepsisters, as they were rightfully his brothers and sisters. Job never ceases to amaze his twenty-nine nephews and nieces and twenty-four grand nephews and grand nieces, as he loves to pamper them whenever he has an opportunity to do so.

Job is also an avid baseball fan but has difficulty choosing from the three teams with which he identifies Having grown up in Los Angeles, he has always been a Los Angeles Dodgers fan but his move to Orange County a couple of year ago, has split up his allegiance between the Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels. However, during the past twenty years, Job has spent most of his time up in the Bay Area and has come to love the San Francisco Giants as well. Therefore, whenever these three teams meet, he is never disappointed regardless of the outcome of the game.





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